Types Of Child Custody In Michigan

Legal Custody: If a parent has legal custody, that means that he/she has authority to make important decisions that affect the welfare of the child or children. For example: educational decisions, non-emergency health care decisions, and religious decisions.

1. Sole Legal Custody: This is where one parent has the authority to make all the decisions concerning the welfare of the child.

2. Joint Legal Custody: Joint legal custody means that both parents share authority in making important decisions that affect the welfare of the child.

Physical Custody:If a parent has physical custody, that means that the child is physically staying in the home with that parent

1.   Sole Physical Custody: This is where only one parent has physical custody of the child.  However, the parent who does not have physical custody can still be alloted “parenting time.”  Parenting time is time set aside by the court for the parent and child to spend tim together.

2.  Joint Physical Custody: In a joint physical custody situation, parents share actual physical custody of the child or  children. (For example, an arrangement where the child alternates staying with one parent or the other every-other week)

Sole Custody: According to the Michigan Custody Guideline,  “sole custody occurs when primary physical custody and legal custody are given to one parent.”

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