Battle of the Sexes… Money!: Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA)

Over the years the equal treatment of men and women in the workplace has been a huge topic of debate. Women have fought for equal pay for equal work but in many cases, they have just come up short. However, now that midterm elections are creeping up on us, this debate is becoming a larger issue.

After it passed the house last year, the U.S. senate has been booming with talk about the Paycheck Fairness Act (PFA). This bill will allow, along with many other things, it to be easier for women who allege discrimination to file class actions against their employers. Also, it would remove any caps that were on punitive damages under the Equal Pay Act. Right now, the debate is very much political with the Democrats being for the Act and republicans against it.

There are many statistics that prove that women, in most professions and careers do, on average, make less than men do. If this act is put into place, this would no longer be such a large issue and women would finally get the protection that they have been fighting for, for so many years. However, on the negative side, many lawyers and businesses are against the act stating that it would open the door to many law suits and demands for women in their field.

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