Michigan Considers Repeal of Driver’s Fees

Last week the Michigan House passed a four-bill package that will partially repeal portions of the state’s driver responsibility fee program that started in 2003.  This bill will pull back on some of the responsibility fees that come along with some traffic violations, but would leave the fees attached to drunk driving, reckless driving, and manslaughter.

It seems that our State Government is starting to adjust to our current economic status, but is this the right adjustment?  The state will lose more than $100 million per year if this new bill passes, but drivers will not have to decide between their license and paying their bills.

I understand that our state needs that $100 million and will probably look for that money in other areas.  Will we like how our State gets their funds?

On the other hand, I’ve also dealt with many clients that cannot afford to lose a license.  Most of them need money to get their license back, but cannot get to work without a license.  If they do not drive on a suspended license, they will lose their job and put themselves even father behind.

What do you think?

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2 responses to “Michigan Considers Repeal of Driver’s Fees

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  2. Tina-Marie Smith

    I have had my license suspended since 2006. I am having a financial hardship. This hardship started in 2005 when I loss my home. I became homeless living in my vehicle when I received the 1st traffic violation. This started the vicious cycle of the repeated fees. With the job losses in the economy, as a service provider I have felt the impact. And I have been unable to pay the actual tickets off. Not even including the driver’s responsibility fee in the amount of $1400.00. I had to choose between having a roof over my head, food, or paying a ticket. I needed to drive to work and I was unable any priviledges to drive to work. Now my vehicle is in need of repairs, and it is not running. I have to take a cab to work one way which is $65 a week. This amount could be paying the original tickets off if I was allowed driving privileges to and from work. This is totally unfair to working class at the poverty level.

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