The Criminal Process: Pre-Exam Conference (For A Felony)

After Arraignment, felony cases are generally scheduled for a Pre-Exam Conference, several days prior to the Preliminary Examination.  Defendant has a right to a Preliminary Examination within 14 days of the Arraignment of a felony.  A Pre-Exam Conference is very similar to a misdemeanor Pre-Trial Conference.  It is a meeting between an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and Defendant (or his/her attorney) to discuss whether the case will be resolved prior to the Preliminary Examination.  If an agreement is reached, in other words, if a Plea Bargain is reached, Defendant will take a plea, usually that day, and then be sentenced, usually at a later date, in either District Court or Circuit Court, depending on the circumstances.

To see a definition of a Plea Bargain and what it involves, please take a look at my previous post,“The Criminal Process:  Pre-Trial Conference (for a Misdemeanor)”

If you have any questions about the criminal process or your Pre-Exam Conference contact Aida at (248)- 624-5500 or email her at


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