Pros and Cons of a Court-Appointed Attorney

How can people with limited income find good legal representation?  What are the pros and cons of a court-appointed attorney? What can we offer you that another attorney can’t?

If you have limited income and find yourself in court on criminal charges, you will be facing a tough decision.  Do I take the risk of a court appointed attorney to save money or do I retain traditional counsel?  Here are the pros and cons of court-appointed attorneys.

Court-appointed attorneys cover both public defenders and attorneys appointed by the court in instances when there is a conflict of interest with the public defender office or no public defenders are available.  These court appointed attorneys come in two basic types.

The first type of court appointed attorney is there by choice.  They wake up every morning with one goal: protect the rights of those who are in need.  If you get one of these attorneys and they specialize in your type of criminal law, you will be in great hands.  This attorney will fight for your rights with passion and zeal.  However, due to the high case load of the clients per public defender, your individual focus is capped at that court appointed attorney’s available time.  This limited time could be the success/failure factor in your case.  At Ambrose Law Group, you have a group of attorneys with time that will work on your case.

The second type of court appointed attorney are attorneys and law students who need experience.  This is because law school is not lawyer school.  Your attorney might be a student or brand new attorney standing up in court for the first time.  He may have never heard of a personal bond or know the formalities of the courtroom.  He is also probably more scared than you are.

There is one fundamental difference between law school and other professional schools.  There are fewer clinics and courses offered in law school to teach lawyers how to PERFORM a service for you.  You don’t learn to be a trial-laywer in law school. We, as lawyers, can read any case and tell you exactly what it means.  This does not mean that we know how to provide you with the court experience that you need.  This requires years of a mentor-mentee relationship or years of trial & error to develop.  At Ambrose Law Group, all of our experienced attorneys act as mentors to our new attorneys.   This is how Ambrose Law Group builds trial lawyers that provide exceptional service to each client.

The final decision is up to you.  You can take a risk with a court-appointed attorney and get a great lawyer with a light work load. This gamble could pay off in your favor with good results at little cost to you.  However, your gamble could land you in jail/prison with heavy fines and few answers.  You could also find yourself with a heavily compromised future or no future at all.

This is your life.  When you think of all of the work you’ve done, a risk is rarely worth the reward.  You owe it to yourself to retain counsel that can help you get on your feet and get back to contributing positively to society.

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