Almost 10% of Women Feel Harassment At Work, Less Than Half Feel Safe to Report It

A new study done in the UK by Reabur, an HR consultant group, finds that nearly 1 out of every 10 female employees reported feeling sexually harassed while at work.  Of these, only 44%, less than half of those reporting harassment, responded that they did anything about the situation. 

Of the women who responded that they had not reported the harassment to the proper department or manager, 1/3 said they feared that they would face future problems and it would affect their career development with the company.  Another 21% did not believe that any report they made would be taken seriously.

Of the 1,496 women responding to the pole, 21% reported male colleagues had made sexist remarks in their workplace, and 39% reported that they wanted to file a formal complaint in response.  2% of respondents reported being the victim of inappropriate touching, but only 14% of these reported telling anyone about the incident.  The biggest fear for not reporting was being perceived as overreacting to the situation.

Pretty disappointing results, really… but it makes one point very clear, female employees still don’t feel comfortable dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.  If you have been or are now facing harassment or discrimination in the workplace, you should know what your rights are, and what recourse you have to correct the problems.  While a lawsuit is not always appropriate or necessary, speaking with an attorney is one way to find out what you can or should do. A first consultation with an attorney who specializes in harassment and workplace law is totally free, and even better, no one at work will ever find out…

If you have concerns about your treatment at work, please call Ambrose Law Group at

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