Our Voice: Michigan May Be First State To Use Roadside Drug Testing, Unfair to Medical Marijuana Users

Michigan drivers could become the first in the nation subject to roadside drug testing under a bill introduced Wednesday in the Legislature.

The legislation would authorize police to administer a roadside saliva test for illegal drug use, just as they do breath tests for alcohol, when they stop a driver suspected of being intoxicated.  The test kit under consideration for Michigan can detect drug use in six categories, including marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine.

From a Medical Marijuana stand-point there are a few problems with this proposal.  Marijuana is not an illegal drug for Patients registered with the State.  Further, there is no bright-line rule as to what “intoxicated” is in regards to marijuana.  So, how is law enforcement planning to issue criminal charges to patients who may have traces of marijuana in their system even though they are not intoxicated?

I understand that Marijuana is only legal to “Patients”.  However, Adderall, Vicodin, Xanax, OxyContin, and all other prescription drugs are only legal for those with a prescription.  So, why aren’t those being tested for?  Sure, traces of these prescription drugs will be detected in some drug tests, but the fact is “Xanax” isn’t one of the enumerated six drugs on the list to be detected.  We, as a State, should be moving away from the stigma that Marijuana is an illicit and evil drug because that is what the people said they felt when voting the Marijuana Act into law.  Why are only those who legally use medical marijuana once again being put in a position to be treated like criminals, to feel as if they are doing something to be ashamed of?

The Medical Marijuana program is supposed to be confidential.  Isn’t this just another way for the authorities to start tracking who has a card to be a Patient and Caregiver?  The affect of marijuana being a drug detected by this roadside drug test is stripping Patients and Caregivers their RIGHT to remain confidential.

The timing of this legislation is an obvious knee-jerk reaction by authorities to stifle the rights of the people of Michigan who have chosen to exercise their rights to grow, possess, and use marijuana for medical purposes.  They can’t successfully re-write the law, their over-dramatic and border-line violent raids aren’t stopping people; so, I guess they are running out of options.   My fear is what is next.  Are Patients and Caregivers going to have to wear a big green “M” on their shirt so authorities know who to harass next?

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5 responses to “Our Voice: Michigan May Be First State To Use Roadside Drug Testing, Unfair to Medical Marijuana Users

  1. mariah

    aren’t saliva drug tests pretty expensive as well? our economy is already in the shitter, lets just dig our hole a little deeper by letting police officers carry around a few of these money-wasters on their persons at all times. wooooo.

  2. That does sound costly, if they are planning to implement that permanently, and with every car that passes by, isn’t that a bit counter productive? They can’t really beat the drug war with this, they should just device a smarter and much more economically sound method.

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