Supporters Of Medical Marijuana Rally Together

Fifteen people were arrested on suspicion of violating Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act after Oakland County’s Narcotic Enforcement Team raided the medical marijuana businesses Clinical Relief in Ferndale and Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford Township in late August.  Police claim that undercover officers went into both facilities and were able to purchase marijuana without showing a patient identification card.  They also claim that in Birmingham two alligators stood guard over a crop of medical marijuana plants. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard likened medical marijuana businesses and clinics to “organized crime” rather than compassionate care for the chronically ill during a press conference about the raids.

Yesterday, carrying American flags and signs, users and supporters of medical marijuana gathered outside the Oakland County Courthouse in Pontiac to protest the arrest of several people in clinic raids. The supporters rallied outside the County Complex on Telegraph Road. Many were chanting, “stop arresting patients” and carrying signs, some of which read, “Why do people have to die so we can obtain our legal medicine?”

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If you have questions about medical marijuana please contact Samantha Moffett at (248) 624-5500 or by email at


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