Medical Marijuana Raids and Arrests in Oakland County Michigan

Who is the villain in this story?

The  police? Who seem to have no concern for the patients who medically AND LEGALLY benefit from marijuana, even though they may have lawfully had a right to seize illegal property?

Or, could it be the business owners? Who may have taken advantage of the law, and in turn, those with chronic illnesses, for their own monetary gain?

Fifteen people arrested on suspicion of violating Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act will be charged today after the Oakland County’s Narcotic Enforcement Team raided the medical marijuana businesses Clinical Relief in Ferndale and Everybody’s Cafe in Waterford Township earlier this week.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard likened medical marijuana businesses and clinics to “organized crime” rather than compassionate care for the chronically ill during a press conference about the raids Thursday afternoon.

Police claim that undercover officers went into both facilities and claim they were able to purchase marijuana without showing a patient identification card.  If this is the case, maybe the police aren’t the villains in this story after all.

Police also claim that in Birmingham two alligators stood guard over a crop of medical marijuana plants. Alligators guarding weed – as entertaining as it is, it is probably not the best image to communicate that you are running a legitimate medical business.

Business owners that are fronting as a legal operation in order to make a quick dollar by illegally growing and selling marijuana are the exact reason law enforcement and many others do not want marijuana, even for medical purposes, in the community.  They are just as much, if not more, blameworthy than law enforcement.  These people are the ones damaging the movement of acceptance that marijuana has many medical benefits and should be legal.

Whoever the villain is, it is clear that the victims are the cancer, AIDS, and other medically ill patients that depended on the medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of their illness.  Now these sick patients have to change their caregiver with the State, if they can even find a new one, and possibly wait months for the type of marijuana that relieves their symptoms to be cultivated.

No matter how many people try to take advantage of the legalities of weed, the law legalizing medical marijuana was passed to help those who are ill.  Whether the police, government officials, or the city council in cities like Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills (who have banned it completely) like it or not, they do not supersede the votes of the people of the State of Michigan.  If they need a copy of the legislation to remind them of that, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Statute is available on line.

Please contact Samantha Moffett if you have been arrested for a drug crime or want to exercise your right to legally grow, smoke, and possess medical marijuana at or 248 624 5500.



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