CSI… It’s Only A T.V. Show

Crime scene investigation shows, like CSI or NCIS, depict DNA profiling as a quick and easy process.  Some people get really into theseForensic Evidence types of shows but when they encounter forensics in real life, they are often let down by how complicated the science can be.  A forensic scientist cannot just put blood into a machine and then watch as seconds later a suspect pops up on the screen in front of them.  In real life, it can take months before scientists get any results from DNA testing.

Crime scene investigation shows effect jurors’, victims’, and criminals’ perceptions of forensic science.  Jurors expect scientific evidence to be present in cases. Victims get frustrated because of the length of time it takes to gather and test the crime scene evidence.  Police all over the country have stated that criminals seem to be getting “smarter” when it comes to not leaving evidence behind.  This whole phenomenon has been dubbed the “CSI Effect.”  Do you think the “CSI Effect” has lead to unexpected jury verdicts?  Why?

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3 responses to “CSI… It’s Only A T.V. Show

  1. AJB

    TV and movies seem to create some extreme expectations!

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