Real Detroit Weekly: City Beat (July 21, 2010)


Beating the Rap with Defense Attorney Daniel Ambrose

While some may look at criminal law with judging eyes, picture yourself at the receiving end — needing help with no one to turn to.

While not all cases end up going to trial, Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Ambrose feels that he and his firm are always prepared. Sometimes his attorneys will assume different positions to best try and predict a variety of outcomes, which Ambrose claims is at least partially the key to their success.

“I’ve got all these attorneys working with me now,” he says. “And they’re developing what took me, skills-wise, 14 years to get.”

Ambrose stresses the importance of having a good trial lawyer with the proper experience in developing a strong defense. To him, trial defense is about saving lives.

“I cannot live with the blood of an innocent man on my hands unless I know I did everything I could to prevent it,” Ambrose says. “If I still wasn’t successful, I’d have to live with my own personal shortcomings. That’s why we constantly train every week —even when we don’t have trials — because we have to get ready. There’s always these battles.”

And just how many battles are we talking here? Well, in 2009 alone, 45,893 alcohol and drug-related driving arrests were made in Michigan, according to the Michigan State Police’s 2009 Michigan Drunk Driving Audit.

Recently, Ambrose and his associates coordinated with local advocate Stacey Chamberlin to produce the booklet Street Smart Law, intended on dispelling myths and spreading information regarding topics ranging from drunk driving, narcotics possession, personal injury, business law and contracts.

“There are just so many things people don’t know that can hurt them,” says Ambrose.

“If a person’s accused of a crime and they’re innocent, I know for a fact that there is nobody better than us to be by their side. We will take the time to listen to the story, to figure out the truth of the story and communicate the truth to a jury so that no matter what odds they’re facing, the strong likelihood is that they will prevail, because the truth, I believe — if it can be revealed — will prevail.” | RDW

Contact Ambrose Law Group at 1-800-NOT-GUILTY or

Excerpts from Street Smart Law issue #2:

• We all know the legal limit — .08%. Our bodies process alcohol at roughly .015% per hour. The issue contains a chart that will help calculate when you’re safe to drive. A 120-pound woman who consumes four drinks in two hours will likely blow a .095%, while a 180-pound male who consumes five drinks in two hours will blow around a .075%.

• When in doubt, take the breathalyzer. Breath tests are easier to defend than blood tests as their results are not admissible in court, plus refusing a breathalyzer at the station automatically results in loss of a license for one year. Ambrose offers to loan breathalyzers to party hosts for peace of mind. Contact for inquiry.

• The legal limit for operating a boat or jet-ski is .10%. While many of the penalties for first-time offenses are similar (6-18 months probation, 20-50 hours community service, counseling and fines), convictions will not lead to restrictions or suspension of a driver’s license.

• You have the right to remain silent! And if you do see those red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, RDW suggests calling an attorney for advice, ASAP.

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