Michigan’s Potentially Largest Medical Marijuana Facility

The owner of a Royal Oak warehouse wants the city to let him lease the building for what could become Michigan’s largest medical-marijuana facility. In an April memo that said such facilities encouraged crime, Royal Oak Police Chief Chris Jahnke estimated such a facility could produce pot for 100,000 to 120,000 marijuana cigarettes a year.

This week the Royal Oak City Commission is considering whether to set a public hearing on this request to convert a building for growing marijuana.  If the tenant puts marijuana plants in all 23,000 square feet, the building could be the biggest marijuana facility in Michigan, Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine publisher Rick Ferris said.  “We’ve worked on some of the biggest ones, in Romulus and Detroit,” but the Royal Oak plan seems bigger, Ferris said. He owns Big Daddy’s, an Oak Park-based landscaping firm that recently opened stores in Detroit, Dryden and Oak Park to sell hydroponics equipment for growing marijuana indoors.

Michigan’s law is unclear about whether caregivers can band together at one site.

If you have been charged with a marijuana offense, need information on becoming medical marijuana patient or caregiver, or need assistance in opening a medical marijuana storefront or co-op contact:

samantha@ambroselawgroup.com or call 248-624-5500


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