The Younger trial through Dan’s eyes

We finally got a verdict after eight hours of deliberation. Waiting on a jury to decide your client’s life is like waiting for a doctor’s diagnosis for cancer. I think I smoked a pack of cigarettes and I don’t even smoke. We waited on Thursday until 6:30 pm. They gave a note at 5:00 that they had decided count 2, which was a criminal sexual conduct charge that would have put Joe on the sex offender registry for 25 years, and were hung on the other counts. I was a little relieved with this note because I figured no human being is going to convict a sixteen year old of this charge in 30 minutes and if they had found him guilty they would know that the rest of the charges wouldn’t matter. I went home and slept for 12 hours, I was dead tired.

I got to court at nine the next morning and continued the wait. At 2:30 the jury sent out another note, this one said they were deadlocked on count one and deadlocked on counts 3 and 4 for the lesser charges of assault and battery. The judge declared a mistrial. The prosecutor and I spoke with the jury afterward. They all felt that something happened but that Joe was way over charged and  they were offended that he had been charged as an adult. Some of the jurors thought I was too hard on Jack with my questioning. Tom saved their crappy case with his bought and paid for lies. I don’t blame him though, the prosecutor had a gun to his head. The jury said if it wasn’t for Tom they would have acquitted Joe of everything. That if Tom was there as a defendant and not as a “cooperating” witness both boys would have gone home with clean records. Instead Tom has 3 felonies: felonious assault, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, and unlawful imprisonment. He can thank his lawyer Sarah Blaylock from the Law Offices of Ray Cassar for that sweet deal. Tom’s dad was there for the whole trial, I could see in his eyes how much he had regretted his son’s decision to plead guilty when they know he is innocent. It’s one thing to be innocent and another to have the courage to stand up for yourself, and another to have a trial lawyer standing by your side! Tom only had innocence going for him.

I hung out with the three of the jurors afterward. It was really interesting to hear about the battles in deliberations and their insights for the next trial.

About half of the jurors gave me their emails, they want to know what happens on September 20, that’s when the retrial is set for.

The prosecution may rest but we never will…. At least until Joe gets to go home for good!



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7 responses to “The Younger trial through Dan’s eyes

  1. Jerry Chamberlain

    It’s scumbag lawyers like Dan Ambrose that beat up on the victim in order to get a guilty person off the hook. Not sure how he can sleep at night, but I hope he continues to smoke at least a pack a day. It might shorten the time he can continue to practice his low life ways! At least Tom was honest and faced up to the actions he and Joe had done. Talk about bought and paid for lies…that’s Dan Ambrose not Tom. I’m sure Dan Ambrose is loving the hung jury. Now he can keep on billing the guilty kid’s family. Dan will get another chance to pick on a 15 year old kid and try to make the victim look like the crook. What a tragedy having attorneys Dan Ambrose!! Does anyone ever stand up for Jack and what it has done to his family? Think about that Mr. Ambrose! You’re quite the man screaming at a 15 year old on the stand while he’s scared to death of what’s happened to him. On top of that you’re getting paid to do it!

  2. andrew (Juror at Younger Trial)

    From what I personally witnessed, Dan Ambrose did a great job throughout the trial. At no point during the cross-examination of the accuser did I see any yelling on Ambrose’s part. Ambrose had excellent composure and was definitely well prepared for this case. The accusations brought against the defendant are very serious and it is Dan’s job to protect anyone that may need his help. So Jerry, in your eyes Mr. Ambrose may be a “scumbag lawyer” who gets guilty people off the hook. But in my eyes, Mr. Ambrose is a guy that fights for his clients and helps them maintain their innocence. He was not picking on Jack, he was simply pointing out all of the contradictions in Jack’s stories, which clearly played a huge factor in this case. Ambrose obviously has great deal of compassion for his client and took every aspect of this trial seriously. I would definitely recommend anyone seeking a great defense attorney to call Mr. Ambrose.

    Andrew (Juror #4 at Younger trial)

  3. KirkT

    Well, I can say, without ever seeing any of the trial, or talking with Ambrose…if he screams and makes the accuser feel uncomfortable; that’s the defense attorney for me.

    As for him picking on the victim, that’s the whole point of trial, to weed out who really is the victim. If Ambrose’s client is the alleged criminal, then the prosecutions kid is the ‘alleged’ victim.

    How will you feel, Jerry, when it turn out that the accuser is not telling the truth and the real victim could quite possibly be a young boy falsely accused of the crimes?

    How will you sleep at night knowing that you supported a child spoiled enough to see a boy go to prison for no other reason than embarrassment? How will you defend your actions or the actions of the real criminal?

  4. JerryC

    Andrew and KirkT are probably correct that Dan Ambrose is a good defense lawyer. If you’re a guilty person and need to get off, maybe Dan’s the man!! He was prepared for the trial and was successful in putting a little bit of doubt in a couple jurors heads. However, an experienced trial lawyer against a 15 year old kid who has never been in a courtroom…c’mon! Then to post a blog that makes himself look like God’s gift to the attorney world is what makes him a scumbag.

    So I guess Tom just decided he would plead guilty to three major felonies because nothing happened. Tom at least told the truth. Now Joe has an attorney that is capable of twisting the truth and prolonging the inevitable. Hey Andrew and KirkT, how do you like wasting your tax dollars? You’re the ones paying for this mockery of the system. Now we’ll all pay for another trial…and maybe another after that. Rest assured that Joe was part of a nasty crime and something that has wrecked another family’s life. Go ahead and keep supporting these polished professional scumbag defense lawyers that cost you your hard earned tax dollars. I can assure you that Tom saved you a lot of money by admitting to what he(and Joe) had done wrong!

    Hey Andrew and KirkT, how did you react to OJ Simpson’s trial? Did you say “Oh that Mr. Shapiro and Mr. Cochran are such well prepared attorneys! They’re the ones for me!” or was it “someone just got away with murder!”

  5. KirkT

    This IS the system. You can’t just accuse somebody of something and have that be that. If anything, I think this shows the weakness of the Prosecutions case. If it’s so damn airtight, then why can’t they get a guilty verdict.

    Hey, Jerry, how do you like paying for a gaggle of prosecution that wastes your tax dollars on a false crime?

    More than likely, Tom plead guilty due to fear. Those prosecutors have a way of bulling people to get them to plea (looks good for when it’s election time).

    And it’s not him against the kid…it’s him against the State of Michigan.

    So, here’s a question for you? When you get falsely accused of something….are you going to just assume that they are correct and go to jail or are you going to hire a “scumbag” to get the truth out?

  6. Jim A.

    Jim A. (From Walled Lake)
    What is interesting about Jerry’s tirade is that it is just that, a tirade and nothing more. Does he mention facts, evidence, no, just a name calling rant against the defense attorney.
    In my 51 years I have never seen the inside of a police car or a jail cell, yet I know the police falsely accuse people all of the time. Citizens confess to crimes they have not committed. Since the discovery of DNA thousands of convicted citizens have been released from prison after they were wrongly CONVICTED!
    It is better that 10 guilty go free than one innocent be jailed!
    I have read about the evidence in this case, it should have never gone to trial, an arrest should never been made. I drive through Wixom everyday, I think I’ll take a different route.

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