Summary of Joe Younger’s Trial 7/6/2010: Will The Real Bully Please Stand Up?

Tom a “cooperating” witness testified on Tuesday. He was called by the prosecution, but really helped the defense. Tom’s story was vastly different from Jack’s.  Tom was honest enough to admit that he is a liar, and a darn good one. He had a 3x a day heroin addiction that he had to steal to support. Tom was able to conceal his addiction from his parents, friends, and teachers. Tom told the jury that he did get benefits from his plea, like a juvenile sentence, and was appreciative of the prosecutor for recommending he be sentenced as a juvenile, he actually got six months in a treatment facility and a review after that. If he testifies against the prosecutors “story” he could be charged with perjury, that’s a lot of incentive to “cooperate.”

Tom story differed from Jack’s on all of the major points. He, like Jack, is a knife fighter. He claims to have ripped the knife out of Jack’s hand while still  holding a knife in his same hand. If it sounds confusing, you know how the jury feels.

The truth is that Tom will say whatever he needs to say to get himself a better deal and out of jail. Hopefully the jury sees this too.

Detective Hamlin thinks he is an advocate, not a cop. He did a cursory investigation and decided that Jack was the “victim” on September 22, 2009. He gathered no evidence, took no photos, requested no fingerprints or DNA. Basically he just took Jacks word for everything. He lied about his interview with Jack and what was said. Thursday Dan Ambrose gets to continue his cross-examination of him. It is going to entertaining watching this “detective” explain his incompetence.

Kristy, Joe’s mom, and Joe finally get a chance to be heard on Thursday. After that Dan will do closing arguments. It’s going to be the best one of his life! This is an aberration of our justice system, hopefully things will be righted by this jury.

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