Summary Of Joe Younger’s Trial Yesterday: Will The Real Bully Please Stand Up?

Yesterday,  Dan Ambrose and Jill Duffy  began fighting for Joseph Younger’s life.  A 16-year-old boy’s future is on the line and it’s our job to expose the lies that have been told, and make certain truth and justice prevail.

A jury of 5 women, 8 men, young and old, single and married, with and without children was selected.  This group of every day citizens will listen to the facts and hopefully see how outrageous this case really is.

When the Prosecutor began her opening she predictably pulled out the “bully” card.  She doesn’t have much else to work with.  She has no real theory of the case and her alleged victim has told multiple conflicting versions of the event and admitted to lying under oath during pre-trial Interviews.

The Prosecutor failed to point out that during Jack’s preliminary exam he stormed off during his testimony despite multiple objections from the judge.  She also didn’t mention that after he left the stand, Jack threw his sister against the wall and threatened to kill her.

The one thing she managed to get right was the fact that Joe is Jack’s only friend, and has been for years.  Joe has always protected Jack.

Dan opened by telling the jury they have two stories to choose from.  They must decide whose story makes more sense.  He foreshadows the fact that Jack’s story is logistically impossible.  That coupled with the admitted lies of the alleged “victim” and inconsistent stories and the jury should start to wonder what it is they’re doing here, and why Joe Younger’s life is on the line.

Dan submits that there is a simple answer to that question; it started with Jack’s lie, continued with a lack of investigation by police and ended with the abuse of power by the prosecution.

Dan concludes that Jack isn’t a victim just because the prosecutor says he is.  Jack is a troubled boy who acts out and lies when he gets angry. And he was angry with Joe the night of the incident.

The prosecutor continuously objected to Dan’s opening with the judge mostly ruling in her favor. However, her objections only showed the weakness of her case and that she’s getting nervous.

The only witness to take the stand yesterday was Jack’s mom.  Under the prosecutor’s direct examination, she stated that Jack had around 3-4 friends at the time of the incident but was closest with Joe.   She explained that when Jack returned home the night of September 22nd he looked beaten up.  Over Dan’s objections she testified she had seen changes in Jack since the incident.

During Dan’s cross-examination Jack’s mom admitted Joe was the only friend Jack ever had sleep over at their house.  When she was shown pictures of her son’s injuries she conceded that one of the marks was probably a mosquito bite.  She also admitted that even though Jack had supposedly been “tortured” she never took him to the doctor until later when she thought he had mono.  She insists that Jack’s injuries looked worse in later days but she never took any pictures of them or thought to bring Jack back to the police station to have them documented.  Under re-cross she testified that when Jack becomes frustrated he might occasionally lie.

The trial is continuing today and I’ll keep you updated! Free Joseph Younger!

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