All You Need To Know About Your Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI)

The Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI) is a report prepared by a probation agent prior to Defendant’s sentencing.  It describes the background of the Defendant.

The basic information in the PSI Report includes:

  • Identification data
    • Age
    • Address
    • Marital status
    • Number of children
  • Prior criminal convictions and juvenile adjudications
    • Pending cases
    • Violations of parole and/or probation
    • Any jail/prison time
  • Description of the offense
  • Family history
    • Family’s criminal backgroud information
  • Education history
  • Employment history
    • Income level
    • Number of years employed
    • Periods of unemployment
    • Public assistance
  • Military record
  • Health/medical history
    • Current medical care
    • Treatment and/or counseling for emotional problems
    • Hospitalizations
  • Substance abuse/use and any mental health history
    • Drug use
    • Alcohol use
    • Abuse of prescription drugs
    • AA attendance
    • Suicide attempts and/or thoughts
    • Hallucinatinos
    • Physical and/or sexual abuse as a child
  • Harm suffered by victim, if applicable
  • Victim’s impact statement, if applicable
  • Officer’s version of the offense
  • Defendant’s statement
  • Additional information deemed relevant by the probation agent or Defendant
  • Probation’s sentencing recommendations
    Judges use the PSI Report to aid in determining Defendant’s sentence.  Read and review the PSI Report carefully, prior to sentencing, to make sure it does not include any errors.  Judges rely heavily on them.  If information is inaccurate on the PSI Report, make sure that you or your attorney notes the corrections.  Inaccurate information can result in harsher sentencings.
If you have any questions please contact Aida at 248-624-5500 or

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