Reginald’s Witness Statements: Raquel Wright’s Next Statement to Police


Raquel Wright’s Statement, 4/30/2010, 7:12 p.m.

Q. Tell me again what you saw and heard at the location of Verne and Mansfield before the shooting

A.  I was traveling on Verne when I looked out my passenger window of my van and I saw Derrick (my baby’s daddy) so I pulled over and Derrick pulled up behind me.  I was looking through my driver’s door outside mirror for Derrick to pull up; I saw that he was just sitting there.  I opened up my driver’s door and was half out when I saw a red Thunderbird come from around the corner, fast, stopped.  I got back in and closed my door. While looking out my outside driver’s door mirror, I saw the driver get out .  I saw him with a gun.  With my driver’s window down, I heard the driver that got out of the red Thunderbird with the guy say, “What’s up, What’s up.”  I saw the guy with the gun point in my direction.  I pulled off because I had my van in drive.  I then heard at least three shots.  I believe after the third shot I heard my back glass break.  My son Deonta began screaming.  I stopped and Deonta told me Mark’s head was bleeding. After that I drove straight to Grace Hospital.

Q.  The gun you saw the person with, do you know what kind it was?

A.  A black handgun

Q.  By looking through the driver’s outside mirror, tell me what the person with the gun looked like

A. BLK/Male, between 20-25 years of age, 5’8-5’9, Couldn’t tell how big, he had on a thick black hoodie, low hair cut, Dark brown complexion

Q. Where did you get the name from that you told police?

A. I got it from Kinte

Q.  Where did Kinte tell you the name you had?

A. I was at the hospital (Grace)

Q.  Everything you saw at Verne and Mansfield was through the outside driver’s door window?

A. Yes

Q.  If Kinte wouldn’t have told you the Bohanen’s name would you have known who it was?

A.  NO

Q.  Do you know the Bohanen family?

A.  I know two of them, Tonya Bohanen B/F/24-25, Kotne B/F/25-26 ( Last name Bohanen) The rest of the family I heard of.

Q. How do you know of the Bohanen family?

A.  I know of them from when I used to live over in the neighborhood years ago

Q. Who was in the white van?

A. Derrick, Kinte, and Kevin. It could have been someone else in the van but I didn’t see them.

Q.  Have you ever seen Derrick, Kinte or Kevin with a gun?

A. No

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