Reginald’s Witness Statements: Raquel Wright’s Photographic Lineup Identification

Raquel Wright’s Statement, 4/25/2010

Q. Ms. Wright, you just viewed a photographic lineup containing 6 people?

A.  Yes

Q. Did you recognize anyone in the 6 photos?

A. Yes

Q. Who did you recognize?

A. #4*

Q.  Where do you recognize #4 from and what did he do?

A.  He was the one who pulled aimed the gun at my car when myself, Talisha Wells, Mark Edwards and Deonta Wright.  I was driving.  I saw three people get out of a red Thunderbird, I don’t remember the name of the street I was on, I thought it was Florence.  When I saw them get out of the car I was in motion.  I saw #4 aim a gun at my car.  I hit the gas and told everyone in my car to duck.  I then heard 4 gun shots one of them hit my car rear window.  I then heard Deonta screaming “Mark’s head is bleeding”.  Deonta kept screaming “Mark get up.”

I drove to the hospital, when I got there I saw Mark bleeding from the head.

*#4 for the record was Christopher Bohanen

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