Reginald Burks’ Witness Statements: Raquel Wright’s First Statement to Police

Raquel Wright’s Statement, 4/25/2010

Perp 1 : B/M/ 20’s, 5’9, 170 lbs, DK complexion, short afro hair, Blk shirt, armed with a handgun. Have know perp more that ten years, Last Name Bohanenen

Perp 2: B/M/20’s, 5’9, 165 lbs, Med/brown complexion, Blk Shirt, have seen him on block for years

Perp 3: B/M/20’s, 5’9, 160 lbs, Brown skin, Blk shirt, have seen him on block for years, Mansfield and Puritan

Q. What can you tell me about this incident?

A. I was driving on Florence at Rutherford. I saw a red possible 96-97 Thunderbird. It stopped. I was stopped waiting for Derrick Payne B/M/34 who was driving a white van that was driving up Florence towards me, when all three perps exited the red thunderbird and I saw perp 1 say “what’s up” and I saw he was pointing his handgun at my car. I pushed on the gas and told everyone that was in my van to get down. I heard 3-4 gunshots. I heard my back window shatter. My son started screaming, “Mark’s head is bleeding,” I drove right to Sinai Grace Hospital. Once there I turned and I could see Mark laying half off his seat.

Q. Who was riding in your vehicle when this incident occurred today?

A. Talisha Mills, my sister, was seated in front passenger seat. Mark Edwards B/M/16 sitting middle passenger side seat, Deonta Wright, my son was sitting in middle driver side seat.

Q. Before the shooting incident, was anything said between anyone on your vehicle and the red thunderbird?


Q. Is there anything else that you want to add to your statement?

A. No

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