What Questions Will I Be Asked at My Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Hearing?

As you prepare for you driver license restoration hearing at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), make sure to reviewDriver's License Restoration the following questions.

These questions, and questions similar to them, will help the hearing officer decide whether or not you deserve to get your license back.  Please keep in mind that these questions are just general questions that are asked at the hearing either by your attorney, if you choose to bring one, or by the hearing officer. Do not solely rely on these questions.  They are intended to be used only as a guide in preparation for your hearing.

Each case is unique.  Some cases may require your attorney and/or hearing officer to pose questions not listed below.  Before your hearing make sure you are prepared to answer questions like these for the best possible outcome of your case. Good luck! If you have any questions call or email me, I have helped many clients get back on the road and I’d be happy to use my experience to help you!

Aida@ambroselawgroup.com or 248-624-5500


  • Please state your full name and spell your last name.
  • How old are you?
  • Are you married? Are you dating anyone?
  • Do you have any children?
  • Where do you live?  How long have you lived there?
  • Do you live with anyone?
  • What is your educational background?


  • Are you currently employed?
  • If so, who is your current employer?
    • What type of work do you do? What are your job responsibilities?
    • How long have you worked for that company?
    • Any problems? Ever been disciplined?
    • State the distance of employment from you residence.
    • Testify as to your means of transportation to and from work.
  • If not, why not?
    • Are you currently seeking employment?
    • Do you have any job offers pending?

Drunk Driving Convictions:

  • In what years did you get pulled over for drunk driving?
  • Do you remember your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) for the first drunk driving offense? For the second? Third?
  • Do you have anything pending against you in court?
  • Are you on probation?
    • If yes, how long have you been probation?
    • When do you get off probation?
    • What are you conditions of probation?
    • What conditions have you completed?
    • Have you ever violated probation for any reason?
  • Did you ever serve any jail time for you drunk driving convictions?
    • If yes, did you have any thoughts while in jail?
    • Did you take any actions regarding your thoughts?

Driving Habits:

  • Have you driven for any reason while your license has been revoked/suspended?
  • Who drives you around?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • Did you have any traffic offenses on your driving record while your license has been revoked/suspended?
  • Do you have any pending or outstanding traffic matters?
  • Do you have any pending or outstanding criminal matters?


  • At some point, did you begin attending AA?
  • When?
  • Do you still continue to attend AA?
  • How often?
  • If on probation, are you ordered to attend AA by court?
    • How many times are you required to go by the Court?
  • Where do you go for the AA sessions?
  • At what time of day do you go?
  • What are you learning?
  • How far are the AA locations you attend from your house?
  • How do you get to AA?
  • Do you have a sponsor?
    • If yes, for how long have you had one?
    • How would you describe your relationship with your sponsor?
  • Did you ever enroll in any type of substance abuse outpatient program?
  • Explain what types of things were you required to do in order to successfully complete the program?
  • What type of things did you learn while in the program?
  • Did you come to a conclusion that you were an alcoholic?
  • Do you think that you are?
  • Do you have any reservations about making that declaration?
    • Are your family and friends aware that you are an alcoholic?
    • Are they supportive?
    • If yes, how so?
    • Do you allow alcohol in your house?
    • Did you have any alcohol since _____?
    • Are you familiar with the 12 steps to recovery?
    • Are you familiar with the _____ step?
    • What does that involve doing?
    • What steps did you complete?
    • Are you familiar with the _____ step?
    • What does that involve doing?
    • Do you have a favorite step?
    • Do you see AA in your future?  Explain.

Drinking Habits:

  • When was the last time you used alcohol?
  • What was the occasion?
  • Who were you associating with at the time?
  • Do you still associate with those people?
  • What made you stop drinking?
    • When you did drink, what were your drinking habits? How did that affect your life?
    • Now that you have been sober since _____, what are you days like now?


  • Have you ever taken any illegal drugs?
  • Do you have any drug convictions on your record?

Social Functions:

    • Have you attended any social functions since the date of your sobriety?
    • Was alcohol served at any of these functions?
    • Did you drink alcohol?
    • How did you manage to avoid alcohol?
    • Where were you at Christmas?  New Year’s Eve?

Additional Questions:

    • Do you go to church/mosque?
    • Did you ever make any conscious effort to stay sober before?
    • What assurances can you give us that you are not going to consume alcohol and get behind the wheel again?
    • Now that you have been sober since ____, do you think that you are healthier?
    • Any other benefits?
    • Any weak moments? If so, what did you do?
    • Have you ever consumed any non-alcohol drinks?
    • Do you have wine glasses in your house?

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