Our Voice: Police Power And Brutality

Officer Huggings

I used to get very frustrated when police testified in court under oath and proceeded to lie. Some are so arrogant that when you catch them in their lies they just laugh, thinking that the jury or judge just will not notice or care. The police take advantage of our inherent trust, faith, and belief that they are the good guys.

The most egregious offender of police perjury is a state trooper, his name is Jory Huggins. Back in 2002 I had four trials against him. I hated him for his lies and his arrogance. He really thought it was funny that he could lie and get away with it. Before one of the trials we were passing each other in the hall at Oakland county circuit court and we were eyeballing each other. This was our fourth trial together so we knew what to expect from each other. He says to me “don’t worry your day’s coming.” I respond “my day may be coming but your day is here.”

Our first trial together ended in a not guilty verdict. I overheard him say to the prosecutor “they must not have believed me.” I was hoping that this would impact his behavior in future trials. I was wrong.

Before the second trial Judge Small suppressed the breathalizer because Huggins lied about following the proper procedure for administering the test. His lies were so obvious, probably because he was so bold as to testify contradictory to a video tape of the administration of the test, that Judge Small called him “incredible” in her written opinion. Incredible is a nice way to say liar.

Huggin’s police car was always equipped with an in-car video that he was required to use, but never did. He consistently fabricated different lies; such as “I didn’t have a key to the trunk to put a tape in the recorder” or “the battery for my microphone was not working.” I then would F.O.I.A. the M.S.P. records and establish he was lying, again!

Our third trial resulted in a hung jury. Again Huggins testified opposite of a booking video. He testified that the defendants speech was slurred even though the sound on the video tape proved that the defendant’s speech was normal. He even checked the box “clear” as to speech in his police report.
After these trials I went through all of his transcripts and police reports. I compiled a detailed account of all of his perjuries. I sent this into the Michigan State Police. I really never expected them to do anything. But they did. It took about a year. I’m not sure what they did to him but he disappeared from the road/court for a few years.

He’s back now! Hopefully he has learned how to work his in-car camera. That’s the only protection we have from him.

Huggins saw a friend of mine at a tiger game in 2009. He told my friend that I ruined his career. I didn’t, he did. I hope he and police who are like him learned from his experience. I doubt it though! Power breeds arrogance!

You can see transcripts and video of my cross-examination of Trooper Huggins at www.ambrosecriminallaw.com


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One response to “Our Voice: Police Power And Brutality

  1. Jim A

    Hey Dan,

    John Taylor turned me on to your site through facebook. I spent two hours last night reading Huggins’ testimoney. I can’t believe the Judge did not throw the case out? It was obivious that he was lying! I watch two Troopers drink heavily and drive every weekend throughout the winter ski season. They don’t have to worry about being charged with drunk driving. I have my own portable breathalizer, don’t ever want to be in that position. Great Job! It was fun reading.

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