The Cost Of an O.W.I/O.W.V.I/Drunk Driving Charge In Michigan: What You Can Expect to Pay

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog about O.W.I./O.W.V.I. sentencing and what can be expected at such sentencing.  I did include some of the costs associated with the terms and conditions of probation; however, I did not include all nor did I include a grand total.  I am pretty sure that many people would find this type of information helpful so please read below.  The following information is based on a typical sentencing for a first drunk-driving conviction.


Terms and Conditions Costs Total
Reporting Probation (12 months) $40.00/month $480.00
Substance Abuse Counseling (approx. 6 sessions) $60.00/session $360.00
AA/NA Support Group Meetings NO COST $0.00
Victim Impact Panel $30.00 $30.00
J.A.M.S (random alcohol and/or drug testing) $6.00/test (25 tests) $150.00
Community Service Hours NO COST $0.00
Court Costs and Fines $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Typical Attorney Fees (excluding trial) $1,500.00 $1,500.00
Driver Responsibility Fees (O.W.V.I. Conviction) $500/year (2 years) $1,000.00
Grand Total $4,520.00

As this table demonstrates, you should expect to spend approximately $4,500.00 for a first drunk-driving conviction.  Please keep in mind that these costs are just estimates.  You may or may not have to pay the same amount if convicted of a drunk-driving offense as courts/judges tend to vary greatly when sentencing an individual.  Some judges may choose to add more terms and conditions to your probation.  Fees associated with the additional terms and conditions will come directly out of your pocket.  Also, please keep in mind that the grand total does not take into consideration extra fees your attorney may charge for any evidentiary hearings or for a trial nor does this grand total include any increases in your insurance rates.

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