Our Voice: I Will Not Be Donating to Kwame’s Campaign

Haven’t you done enough, Kwame? Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is facing jail time and restitution for a violation of his probation after the text message scandal that kept us all shaking our heads last summer. In light of the rather hefty fines he is facing for “not being forthright”about his financial condition, and restitution for $1 million to the City of Detroit, Kwame is asking the people of Detroit to give him donations to help him pay his dues.

On his donation website, Kwame asks you to “show your support” by donating on a Paypal page and by leaving “faithful” and “encouraging” messages. The bio on his page outlines his accomplishments. Kwame spent five years in the Michigan House of Representatives and seven years as Detroit’s mayor. He claims to have increased business in the Motor City, lowered crime rates and helped orchestrate several large social events.

Kwame Kilpatrick's Website

What’s missing on Kwame’s site is the trouble he got himself into. When Kwame was the mayor of Detroit he chose not to play by the rules. He chose to try and cover up several scandals that he was intimately involved in. Kwame chose to lie under oath to save his own behind, not thinking about the people he was hurting and the people in the city who were looking to him for leadership. Kwame then chose to lie to Judge Groner about his finances. My opinion? You got yourself in this Kwame, get yourself out. Don’t rely on the people who trusted you to be their leader to save you once again. You will not see a donation from me on his page.

Will  you be making a donation to support Kwame Kilpatrick?

Kwame will be sentenced on his probation violation in a few weeks. Do you think he should go to jail?



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