Lowering Your Child Support Payment In Michigan

Have you lost your job, been laid off, or had to take a pay cut?  If so, you may be eligible to lower your child support or spousal support payments.

In these tough economic times, many people have had to adjust their expenses and give up many things they had once enjoyed.  Under the Michigan Child Support Guidelines, child support is calculated based on your income, the amount of overnight parenting time you have, the amount of medical insurance paid, and the cost of child care.  If your pay has decreased, or you are unemployed, you should request a review of your current child support obligation.  At Ambrose, we can run the guidelines for you at no cost to see if you qualify for a reduction. 

You can also visit the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual

If you are obligated to pay spousal support, and the language in your Judgment of Divorce says that spousal support is “modifiable,” then you may also qualify for a decrease in the amount of spousal support you have to pay, or you may be eligible to have spousal support terminate completely.

If you have any questions or would like further information regarding this issue, contact David Lutz at: (248) 624-5500; (313) 645-9219, David@ambroselawgroup.com, or visit www.ambrosefamilylaw.com.


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  1. In Alabama, child support is figured using Guidelines set out in legislation. These guidelines can be deviated from for good cause shown and if approved by a Judge, but for the most part, they stick to the formula; it’s pretty cut and dry. This is done not only in the spirit of fairness and equity to keep everyone’s support balanced, but also because of the sheer volume of Domestic cases coming through the Court system. If a Judge had to figure out every situation differently, nothing would ever get done, so they make a set formula to ensure speedy calculation. This is done in numerous other jurisdictions as well. If one is curious about child support in Alabama, there are some up to date Alabama Child Support Calculator(s) out there that will give a pretty close approximation of what your support Order will look like.

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