How To Become A Medical Marijuana Caregiver In Michigan

Things You’ll Need:
  • Qualified Patient
  • No Drug Felonies
  • To Be At Least 21 Years Old
  1. Find A Patient

    -There is no form that a person need to fill out and send to the state to qualify as a caregiver other than a patients doctor recommendation.

    -You need a patient with a legal qualifying condition to go to the doctor and get a signed recommendation.

    -On that paperwork is a couple areas that the applying caregiver has to fill out. You will need to be at least 21 years old and have no drug felonies on your record to become a legal caregiver in Michigan.

    -There are places to go to to find patients that are looking for caregivers.

  2. Sign The Patient’s Paperwork.

    It’s pretty straight forward. Just fill in the information.

  3. Copy Your Drivers License

    -The patient will need a copy of your drivers license to send to the Michigan State Health Dept.

  4. Get A Copy  of  the Patient’s Medical MarijuanaApplication

    -Make sure to get a copy of the patients application, money order receipt and certified mail receipt. Make sure your patient sends his information by way of certified mail. That way you have proof exactly when your patient sent in his application.

  5. Start growing marijuana for your patient as soon as you receive your caregiver card in the mail.

Some other helpful info…

20 days after a person submits a valid application, by operation of the law, their application is deemed granted. Having a copy of the application has the same significance as having a card from the state.

If 20 days hasn’t yet passed, patients and caregivers are still protected from arrest and temporary seizure of their medical marijuana. The affirmative defense of anyone who is prosecuted means that patients or caregivers can go to court and prove that a physician has signed off and that creates a presumption of being a qualified patient/caregiver protected by the act.

Here is the Medical Marijuna Application Form

If you have questions about Medical Marijuana call Samantha Moffett


or email

Many people are confused by the law, including the police! If you are a  Medical Marijuana patient or caregiver it’s important to know your legal rights. Visit our website and add us on facebook for more info!



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7 responses to “How To Become A Medical Marijuana Caregiver In Michigan

  1. Melissa Ross


    I was granted 7411 status some years ago concerning a drug possession. I successfully completed probation and have not violated any laws since.

    My question is, am I able to become a licensed medical marijuana care-giver, despite the 7411 status?

    Thank you, Melissa Ross

  2. mo

    we are new tothe michigan area do we need to obtain michigan identification to apply and also are there laws prohibiting a spouse from becoming a caregiver


    I have 4 felonies, but i have never had a drug felony… can i still become a licensed caregiver in the state of michigan?

    • Brian,

      I do not think you can have any felonies on your record. However, you can call our office at 248-624-5500 and speak with Samantha Moffett who is a medical marijuana specialist!

      Have a great day,


  4. Lori

    I am interested in becoming a caregiver. I have a question on this process. Do I need to have a qualifying patient first to become a caregiver. Or, can I get my caregiver card without a qualifying patient? If so, is there an application for a caregiver license? How do I become a caregiver?

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