Michigan Texting-While-Driving Law Almost Reality

You could pay dearly for texting while driving after today.  Governor Jennifer Granholm is predicted to sign into law a new bill  that  will make texting while driving a primary offense.  This means that if the police see you using your phone to text or to read texts, you could be pulled over for that reason alone and be fined.  It’s said the law  will only apply to a car that is moving.   

The fines for such an offense will be $100 for the first time and $200 for each additional time.  The good news is that there will be no points added to your driving record.  The bill is to take effect on July 1st  2010

 According to The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, in 2008 and 2009, 16 people were killed and 783 injured in Michigan wrecks  in which drivers were using cell phones.  So not only is it very dangerous to text and drive, it will now be costly. 

How does everyone feel about the new law?

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