Should Your Boss Be Allowed To Read What You’ve Been Texting?

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme court began listening to arguments on Police Sgt. Jeff Quon’s text-messaging case.  Quon used his city issued text-messaging pager to exchange hundreds of personal messages – some sexually suggestive. When Quon exceeded his texting limit several times, his boss, the chief of police, ordered a review of the transcripts.  The racy messages prompted an internal department investigation. Quon sued the wireless company and the city for invasion of privacy. 

This case concerns you because its outcome will carry ramifications for employee privacy rights in the work place. 

The main issue? How far can a government employer go to monitor the private communications of its workers?  The court will also explore whether service providers can be held liable for providing these communications without consent.

Read the whole story from here

I think it’s an interesting issue.  I’ve always been under the impression that anything I email from my work computer would be subject to review by my employer.  Text messages never really crossed my mind, but as people are increasingly using their phones for work-related messaging I guess I can see the possibilty. 

How does everyone else feel on the issue?



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2 responses to “Should Your Boss Be Allowed To Read What You’ve Been Texting?

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  2. As all we’ve known, texting is very rampant nowadays. It’s the most common communication of each individual to inform someone that they want to know. We can’t deny the fact, if the worker is texting while in working hours. We won’t say we forbid it, as long the employee finishes its tasks. Consider the worker to reply its messages when it is really important. But for the employees that is always texting, leaving their tasks or setting it aside, of course that’s not excuse. Respond to a message that is really urgent or just needed to.

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