Oakland County Executive Says They Won’t Enforce Smoking Ban

Here’s a quick story from the Free Press today,

Oakland County says it doesn’t plan to enforce Michigan’s smoking ban that’s set to take effect May 1.

County executive L. Brooks Patterson told WJBK-TV he’ll sue over the smoking ban next week. Patterson says the law amounts to an “unfunded mandate” if county health departments must oversee and enforce the ban.

Patterson says the county doesn’t have the resources to enforce the ban.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm in December signed the smoking ban into law to make most work places, restaurants and bars smoke-free. The only exceptions are the Detroit casinos, cigar bars, tobacco specialty stores, home offices and motor vehicles.

A message seeking comment was left today with the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Businesses and citizens who breach the law will face a $100 penalty for the first offense and penalties of $500 each for any ensuing offenses takes effect.

What are your thoughts on the smoking ban? Do you think all counties should have to abide by the rules?


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