Beating Video of Maryland Student Released

A few weeks back I did a post on Police Brutality , so this story from caught my eye right away.  In Prince George’s County, Maryland a police officer has been suspended, and prosectuors are investigating an incident in which officers wielding nightsticks beat John Mckenna, a University of Maryland student, to unconciousness.  A police report was filed stating the student had assualted officers and their horses, but a video that was filmed of the incident seems to contradict the report.  Here’s the video, what do you think?

From what I can see, the student was actually trying to step away from the officers. The article went on to say that Mckenna sustained a cut on his head that required 8 staples to close, plus a badly swollen arm and bruises on his body.



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One response to “Beating Video of Maryland Student Released

  1. Gina

    It definitely looked like police brutality to me, and those officers clearly made false statements in the report.

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