Speeding ‘Cushion’ Not So Cushy Anymore

Everyone does it. The posted speed is 55 but you’re cruising along at 60.  No one gets pulled over for doing 5 over. Or do they?

An article in USA Today reports that the 5-10 mph leeway most police officers used to give you is one more casualty of today’s poor economy.

Cities and States are scrambling to fill budget gaps with the money they make from traffic citations. People are getting pulled over more frequently and are less likely to get off with just a warning. 

Canton, Ohio has seen a 4X traffic ticket increase and states like Missouri are considering doubling the amount of traffic fines.

Listening to radio station 95.5 on my way to work this morning I heard  numerous Michiganders call in to complain of receiving tickets for going only 1 mile over. Others reported an increase in the number of speed traps they’re seeing on their way to work.

So if you’re trying to avoid a costly ticket slow down!

If you do get pulled over be polite. If you do anything memorable, you’ll probably ruin your chances at getting a deal in court. 

If you’d like to keep the points off your record make sure you send your ticket into the court by the specified time frame, usually 14 days.

Having a lawyer represent you usually leads to reduced points, reduced fines and you might not have to appear in court at all.

If you have questions about a traffic citation you have received call Phil or Jill at 248-624-5500


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