Consequences of a Felony Conviction in Michigan

A felony conviction in Michigan can result in a number of collateral consequences. Some of the rights you will lose include:
1. The Right to Serve on a Jury: Upon conviction, the individual is not permitted to sit on a jury.
2. The Right to Vote: If the conviction results in incarceration they are not permitted to vote while incarcerated. The right is restored upon release.
3. Firearms Privileges: If the individual has a license to carry and conceal a pistol, it is revoked, upon conviction. Under Federal law, the individual may not ship or transport a firearm or ammunition across state lines, internationally receive a firearm or ammunition from across state lines, or possess a firearm or ammunition.
4. Holding Public Office: Upon conviction, the individual holding public office will be removed from that office.
5. Drivers License: If the felony involved the use of a motor vehicle, the individual’s license will be suspended for 1 year.
6. Law Enforcement Officer: A conviction will prevent an individual from obtaining certification as a law enforcement officer, and a current officer’s certification will be revoked.
7. Teacher: Upon conviction, the teacher may be fired. If the conviction requires registration as a sex offender, the teacher will be fired.
8. Health Professional License: A conviction will prevent an individual from obtaining a health professional license, and a current health professional’s license will be revoked.
9. Service in the Armed Forces: A conviction will prevent an individual from serving in any branch of the armed forces.
For an an alien, non-citizen, a felony conviction may result in in the following additional consequences:
1. Deportation
2. Loss of privileges, including the opportunity to gain citizenship
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2 responses to “Consequences of a Felony Conviction in Michigan

  1. star

    i’m tired of being rejected over one mistake i made in 1989 which gave me a two count for one incident i cant find a jgood paying job. they really done me in. they never mentioned the choking and punching they did to me violented my civil rights. and on top of that while i was at the precient waiting to be brought in front of a judge’ One of the officers who choked and punched me had the nerve to ask me was their any physical abuse with pen paper and writing pad in hand. you think i was going to say yes and he was one of them who done the abuse hell no that scared the day lights out of me. it crossed my mind he and the other cop would do me in i sign quick as i could saying no there was no physical abuse. but i did let my asigned probation officer know in signed statement which i thinkl never reached the judge.i feel railroaded and i want back the little freedom i had back four years of militar and other skills down the drain is there anyone who can help. i’m tired of hearing it’s two it’s un fair i’m no a career criminal. position /delivery less than 50 grams cocaine. omly issue with me.

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