More Confusion On Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Laws

We’ve discussed in a previous Medical Marijuana  post some basic info about legally possessing Marijuana in Michigan.  However, Police are still having a hard time applying the law correctly.  Here’s an excerpt from today’s Detroit Free Press highlighting another case of police confusion,

“Police across the state are either confused or resisting compliance with the medical marijuana law,” staff attorney Dan Korobkin of the American Civil Liberties Union said.

Some medical users lack proper paperwork or have more plants than allowed, Roseville Deputy Chief James Berlin said. But mistakes are made, Berlin said.

“We may spend three weeks investigating, and then bust in and traumatize people, only to find out they’re legal.”

When narcotics investigators burst in last month on Richard Brace in Hazel Park, he didn’t have the state card approving him to use medical marijuana that he’d applied for Jan. 9.

Brace, 66, said he was baby-sitting his 7-year-old granddaughter when he heard yelling outside.

“I was getting ready to put her to bed, and all at once, there’s a bam-bam-bam, ‘Police!’ Just as I open the door, they shove that ram through and totally shattered my storm door, all over the living room floor — even got some glass on my granddaughter,” he said.

After being handcuffed and questioned, Brace said he finally talked police out of arresting him by bringing out the paperwork showing he’d applied for his official medical marijuana identification card. As of Wednesday, he still hadn’t received it.

Read the rest of the article here

If you have questions regarding the law or application process call us at (248) 624-5500.


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