Rough Justice

This headline in the Free Press caught my attention today, “Man charged with peppering Roseville police, city hall lots with nails”.

According to the article A 49-year-old Chesterfield Township man disgruntled over a traffic ticket and crash with a Roseville Police car admitted he’s been dumping screws and nails in the Roseville city hall and police department parking lots once or twice a week since late February, blowing out tires.  Police have had reports from at least five people who experienced a flat tire while in the lots. For the full article click here

This guy was obviously pretty ticked if he was driving around parking lots dumping nails out his window!  However,  if you are disgruntled with police and have a legitimate claim you should always file a formal complaint at the police department and then contact an attorney to discuss any possible lawsuits.

Now  this particular story does not seem like a case of Police Brutality, but just a guy angry about a ticket.  However, brutality does occur and we want you to know the facts. A quick definition of Police Brutality is when a police officer uses more force than neccessary ( excessive force) to either arrest or control someone , which often results in an injury to that person.

Other forms of Police Misconduct include, false arrest, police causing an accident, pulling someone over for no legal reason, searching a home , vehicle or person other than what is listed in a warrant, and searching you without permission or probable cause.

Police are paid to protect you and they should always be respected, but make sure  they respect your rights too!

Any thoughts on the Freep Article?



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  2. jjoshuajj21

    Yes I agree, and You should know this too >>> <<<<<

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