It’s Friday night. You just had a great time at the WAB in Ferndale and now it’s time to drive home. Hopefully you’ve planned ahead and you have a safe and sober ride back to your place because drinking and driving has many consequences, and none of them are good! If you didn’t plan ahead and are forced to drive here are some tips to help you avoid spending the night in jail.

1. Make sure to turn your headlights on
2. No cell phone calls or texting while driving
3. Check your tabs to make sure plates are not expired
4. Make sure your break lights and tail lights are working properly
5. Don’t speed
6. Come to a complete stop when leaving the parking lot
7. Leave for home at least an hour before the bar closes

If you’re stopped by the police remember the following

1. Admit to drinking no more than three drinks
2. Know what time you started and stopped drinking
3. Know the current time
4. Know the name of the bar or restaurant you were at
5. Always keep gum or mints in your car to cover the odor of any intoxicants
6. Keep your license, registration and proof of insurance quickly and easily accessible
7. Look for a safe place to pull over, like a parking lot
8. Crack the window so air circulates in the car
9. Put your blinker on when pulling over
10. Keep your hands on the 10/2 position
11. Do not reach for anything, doing so may cause the officer to think you are trying to hide something like drugs or a weapon.
12. If you end up at the police station call Dan Ambrose!

Always remember the best and safest way to avoid an OWI ticket is to be responsible and choose a designated driver before going out.

Or call Michigan Green Cabs at 1-877-476-8294. They’ll drive you home in one of their eco-friendly cabs and you can feel good about being safe and helping the enviroment!


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